LI taxpayers set to vote on school boards, budget spending plans

Voters across Long Island are set to vote next week on school-related issues, including board races and spending plans.
In Nassau County, the Garden City School District wants voters to approve money to create spaces for outdoor learning and replace the roof at an elementary school. The Baldwin school district is hoping to get money for a turf field and new track and equipment for the high school.
Meanwhile in Suffolk County, Huntington is seeking approval for gas and carbon monoxide detectors at three primary schools and a second turf field at the high school. Amagansett is looking for $60,000 for a new school bus.
Michael Cohen, a former superintendent at Brentwood, says schools are receiving record state aid so voters should be concerned about how their district is distributing resources and raising student achievements.
"I'm told that there are candidates running here on Long Island on a platform of no masks, no vaccines," Cohen says. "School board has no power, no authority whatsoever in that regard."
He says school board members do not have a function as public health officials so if voters are only focused on issued the board has no control over, then there will be a lack of focus on the appropriate role of board members, which is policy and finance.
Taxpayers will be heading to the polls next Tuesday to vote on the school board and budget issues for the next school year.