Long Island Sound Trawl Survey crew catches stingray over 400 pounds

A Long Island Sound Trawl Survey crew made a huge catch Wednesday out on Long Island Sound.
Connecticut Fish and Wildlife says the crew trawled up a massive roughtail stingray, a Bathytosia centroura, over 6 feet long, 5 feet wide and an estimated 400 pounds.
The organization says these stingrays are rare to find in Long Island Sound, more often found along the Atlantic coast from New England to Florida.
Roughtails do have venomous tails, but they are not aggressive.
The crew took some measurements, and photos, before putting the stingray back in the Sound and watched it swim away.
It was an eventful day for the crew because later in the day, they came across a cobia (Rachycentron canadum) – a large predatory fish, capable of growing up to 6 feet in length and 150 pounds.
Cobias are typically found in locations in the Atlantic but have historically been most abundant south of Chesapeake Bay. Connecticut Fish and Wildlife says climate change has caused the fish to swim north.