Long Ridge School 5th grader creates school logo masks, brackets for classmates, staff

A fifth grade student at The Long Ridge School decided to use his time and talent to do something special for everyone at his school during the pandemic.
Zak Boujid, 10, is in his final year at Long Ridge and wanted to say thank you to his teachers and classmates for making his time at the school so great. He decided to create logo-inspired masks and brackets.
"I thought what if I made masks with the logo for my school because they don't have them yet," says Zak.
Zak reached out to a printing company, sent in the school logo and made masks for every student and staff member. Zak passed out the masks along with mask brackets. The mask brackets were for his fellow fifth grade classmates and his teachers. He made each bracket with his 3D printer and personalized them with everyone's names.
A mask bracket is used inside a mask to keep the fabric off of your mouth and gives you more space to breathe.
"Every bracket that I made for my classmates had their name on it," says Zak.
With the holiday season underway, Zak wanted to continue helping others - so he is making more items with inspirational messages. He plans to hand them out to local shelters at Christmas.
"If you have a talent or if you can do anything to make a difference, show the world," says Zak.
News 12 documented all of Zak's past donating efforts. Five years ago, he donated his own toys to kids at Inspirica. Over the years, he's also donated clothes and books.