Loved ones of men killed in Shelton crash pay respects at scene

State people say the rollover crash in Shelton that left two people dead earlier in the week went unreported until someone spotted it and called 911 Thursday.
The families of the two victims arrived at the scene of Route 8 north near Exit 12 Friday, supporting each other through what they described as the most painful thing they've had to endure.
A passerby made a grim discovery around 11:30 a.m. Thursday - a mangled 2002 Honda Accord, with the bodies of two men inside.
Family members identified them as 34-year-old Raul Calderon, of North Branford, and 30-year-old Jose Rosario, of Bridgeport.
One man News 12 spoke with, who asked not to be identified, said both victims were lifelong friends of his, and the news of their death has left the community in shock.
"Both of them good friends of ours. We all grew up around each other," he said. "Loved to bring everybody together, they was good people -- always happy."
Authorities say the vehicle appeared to be speeding when it somehow lost control and went flying through the woods, flipping over and taking out trees in its path.
Debris from the car was scattered among the leaves and branches, where friends and family walked the site in somber silence.
Though state police are heading up the investigation, Bridgeport officials confirmed it is tied to an investigation in their city. They declined to say if a police pursuit was somehow involved.
As investigators look for answers, the victims' friends and families are seeking strength in each other.
Anyone with information is asked to call state police.