Man accused of shoplifting, injuring officers during pursuit held on $250K bond

The Stamford man accused of shoplifting and leading police on a chase that injured seven officers had his bond set at $250,000 during a court appearance Tuesday.
Jorge Duche, 29, is facing a slew of charges, including robbery, assault and engaging police in pursuit.
Police say Duche shoplifted a pair of slippers Friday at Lord and Taylor. Security then notified a sergeant on patrol nearby. Police say Duche fought with a sergeant who tried to arrest him. The sergeant fell backward and broke his ankle.
Police say Duche then took off in a car. When officers tried to pull him over, police say a chase began. According to police, Duche rammed into two cruisers head-on.
"Things went from simple to bad really quickly," says Capt. Diedrich Hohn.
They say he then fought with officers before he was eventually taken into custody.
Seven officers were hurt, sustaining broken bones, neck and back injuries. Five of those officers have not yet returned to the force.
"It's pretty silly that a pair of slippers from shoplifting turns into a robbery and it goes downhill from there," says Capt. Hohn.
Duche was treated at a hospital and released. He appeared in court in a wheelchair and with a cast on his arm.
A judge told him Tuesday that this was a “major event” and held him on $250,000 bond.
Officials say this isn't the first time he shoplifted in Stamford, and that he's also committed crimes in other cities. Prosecutors say Duche also had a suspended license.