Masuk football coach back after lengthy investigation of the team's culture

Parents, players and coaches erupted in cheers Thursday night after the announcement was made at a special board of education meeting

Mark Sudol

Jan 19, 2024, 5:26 PM

Updated 122 days ago


The Monroe Board of Education has reached a settlement to keep Masuk head football coach Steve Christy.
This comes after the board conducted a six-month investigation into the culture of the football program.
Parents, players and coaches erupted in cheers Thursday night after learning of the decision during a special meeting of the Monroe Board of Education.
After the meeting coach Christy hugged his players.
He is appreciative that the board reached a settlement to keep him in the role.
"Thank you. But again going forward it's all positive," said Christy.
After complaints by some players and parents, an investigation was conducted about the football program back in July. The coaching staff was placed on administrative leave, but police determined there were no criminal charges.
"The broader issue is societal changes in what we believe the function of the football culture should be. It seemed a lot of people did not want their kids held accountable," said Masuk football parent Nicole Conti.
Parents say they are happy for the resolution after this issue that divided the community.
"It's been a long time coming. We have been fighting for so long to get him back and it's so admirable for him to stick it out. You know I mean he's done absolutely nothing wrong," said Masuk football parent Diana Champagne.
Conti says Coach Christy made a huge difference in her son's life.
"He changed him in terms of accountability, character, athleticism. He's learned a lot from him," said Conti.
Christy and his staff had to agree to specific conditions going forward.
"I'm sorry this has disrupted your senior season but we're all together in this. We're bringing the band back," said Christy.
We reached out to a member of the Board of Education for comment but have not heard back.

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