Medicinal marijuana users purchase pot early ahead of legalization of recreational use

Sales of recreational marijuana will be legal in Connecticut beginning Tuesday and some medicinal license holders decided to get what they needed Monday hoping to steer clear of any first day crowds.
While some retailers will be hybrid, selling both medical and recreational marijuana, as for right now, Bluepoint Health in Westport will be sticking with medicinal marijuana sales only for the time being.
"I'm actually kind of glad that this is medical only, I don't have to fight with lines. I waited a long time to be able to get to this point and it's nice to not have to fight with the regular people who just want to smoke," said Matt Spalding, of Fairfield.
Patrons said they like the fact that the dispensary is private and feels and looks more like a spa.
Spalding has chronic pain and had open heart surgery years ago.
"People here are educated on what it does and what it feels like," he said.
Medical users can purchase much larger quantities of marijuana than recreational users, who are subjected to limitations.
There are a wide variety of products for medicinal purposes that can be used in a number of ways, including baking supplies and even olive oil.
Recreational sales are limited to those 21 years and older. For medicinal products, anyone 18 and older who has a license may make a purchase, and in some cases, even younger patients are eligible to use cannabis medications.