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Milford Diner to be moved and restored in Indiana

<p>A once iconic Milford landmark will soon be leaving town.</p>

News 12 Staff

Nov 12, 2018, 7:41 PM

Updated 2,044 days ago


A once iconic Milford landmark will soon be leaving town.
The Milford Diner was built in 1953 and for decades served breakfast to residents. It closed in 2003 when the family who ran it retired.
A history enthusiast from Indiana has taken ownership of the diner. Danny Miller says he is dedicated to saving history, so he is having the diner moved to him in Kokomo, Indiana. He plans to restore the building and turn it back into a working diner.
Nearby business owners say they are ready for the now-dilapidated building to be gone. Others say it will be strange not seeing it after so many years.
"It's been an eyesore for a long time now," says Vincent Hutter, of Milford. "It's a shame to see it go but it's no longer a landmark."
The plan is for a crane to lift the building and place it on a flatbed Tuesday morning. It will then have to be shrink-wrapped and will hit the road Wednesday.
Miller estimates that it will probably take about a year to restore.

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