More arrests possible in Stamford harassment case

Police say there could be several more arrests in the case of racial slurs and threats made against a black Stamford H.S. student.
A 17-year-old classmate was arrested Monday and is facing harassment and intimidation charges for allegedly leaving threatening messages on the girl's voice mail. The suspect's attorney, Joseph Sargent, says the charges are terribly unfair and claims his client has not been allowed to listen to the audiotapes of the threats. Sargent says the case is being blown out of proportion.
Stamford School Superintendent Doctor Joshua Starr released a statement about the arrest. "We are happy that an arrest has been made in this despicable act of racism. Whenever a student engages in hate speech, we will discipline that student to the fullest extent permitted by law."
Meanwhile, 17-year-old Candace Owens returned to school Monday for the first time in six weeks. She was escorted by the NAACP because she said she fears for her life.
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