Mother of transgender student says she supports proposed Monroe schools transgender policy

School systems all across America are implementing policies to accommodate transgender students - but Monroe's policy is facing some backlash.
Janice Persico spoke about transgender rights for children like her 15-year-old son, Aaron, at Monday's Board of Education meeting.
She says he has been struggling at Masuk High School ever since publicly identifying as a boy last year. Some of the people at the meeting read letters opposing the school system's transgender policy, which was proposed by board member Nick Kapoor in June.
Kapoor responded to some of the backlash to his proposal, saying, "I want to implement public policy that is best for all of our students and all the citizens of Monroe and if that means that I have to have a few letters read into the record against me or attacking me personally, that's the cost of doing business."
Perisco says the policy puts into place what is already a state law.
"Some of the parents are saying, 'My children don't feel safe sharing a bathroom with transgender students,'" she says. "My child doesn't feel safe sharing a bathroom with other students either which is one of the... we're both fighting for the same thing."
The Monroe Board of Education says more opposing letters will be read next week. The school system's transgender policy could be adopted after the first of the year.