Mother shares her children's battle with bullies during National Bullying Awareness Month

A mother from western Connecticut is sharing her children's battle with bullying during National Bullying Awareness Month. She says her son and daughter are bullied at school, and she is worried it could escalate.
"My daughter was in the bathroom and...a couple girls ran after her and she was cornered in the bathroom and instigated to fight, and my daughter said no," said Maria. "There's graffiti in the bathroom, you know, with statements about my daughter...about how her parents are both disabled."
Maria, who asked not to give her last name, says she reported the abuse to school officials on several occasions.
Though they tried to intervene, she says the bullying always resumes within days.
Child psychologist and Sasco River Center executive director Dr. Chris Bogart says kids at school are facing a mental health epidemic when it comes to bullying.
"The remedy in my mind is that there has to be a national partnership. There has to be a partnership between the parents, between the schools, between the children, to be quite honest. I think there needs to be special training of teachers in how to recognize the signs of this," said Bogart.
Maria says it is important to hold kids accountable if they find out their child is guilty of being a bully at school.