New Canaan residents say they're unhappy with construction project that's pushing back treeline

New Canaan residents say they're losing sleep over the ongoing construction project on the Merritt Parkway, and they're concerned with the number of trees that are being chopped down. They say they never received any warning from the state about the project.
The construction is ongoing between exits 37 and 38 on the parkway during overnight hours until 3 a.m.
News 12 spoke with residents on White Oak Shade Lane in New Canaan who say their peaceful backyards are now bustling with the sound of traffic and vehicles, since many of the trees are now gone.
To combat the issue, residents are taking matters into their own hands.
"It concerns us quite a bit. We just purchased these privacy trees, which are not very cheap, to help combat that, because we love our house but we recognize that for future resale for anyone else it may be a problem. So we want to make sure we do whatever we can," said Jen Caruso Farris.
Caruso Farris says the construction starts at night and ends around 3 a.m., causing her family to lose sleep. The same pain can be felt down the street by Karen Ericson.
"It's five days a week that were listening to this all night," she said.
Ericson says the construction has also disrupted the wildlife.
"All the cutting the noise and disturbance. So, we've had everything here. There were two bucks across the street the other day and you know we're getting foxes and you name it it's here," she said.
News 12 reached out to the Department of Transportation who says the timeline for this project will continue into the fall of 2024, but this it will happen in phases.
They say the tree cutting phase is about 65% complete and should be wrapping up within the next week.