New CT law allows self-serve taps at bars: Here’s how it works

How would you like to go the bar and pour your own drinks? Thanks to a new law, you can finally do it in Connecticut.
News 12’s John Craven was at Tapville Social in Brookfield to see how the system works.
Bars are required to have someone on site checking IDs before selling RFID chip cards to self-servers. The cards are limited to 32 ounces for beer or 10 ounces for wine. Also, self-pour sales are not allowed for hard liquor.
State lawmakers approved the change last month after years of trying. But so far, most bars say they're not interested. They say people prefer the human touch of a bartender.
"We are coming out of a pandemic. I know it's very hard to find workers, but I think it's the wrong message to send to eliminate bartending jobs or service jobs,” says state Rep. Devin Carney.
Mike Gallop, the owner of Tapville Social, says “bartenders don’t have to worry” about losing their jobs in the state.
“The machine's not going to take over,” he said.
Tapville Social bought the self-pour taps before the new law passed.