New Milford police look to hire former officers to guard district schools

Connecticut schools are weighing the pros and cons of adding additional armed guards in the wake of several high-profile mass shootings in Texas, New York and Tulsa.
In the wake of the Uvalde school shooting, New Milford police are looking to hire former police officers as armed security guards for district schools.
"Nobody wants to have the discussion about whether to put armed people in our schools. Unfortunately, we need to have those discussions, given the circumstances and the problems we're dealing with right now," said Gary McNamara, chief of public safety at Sacred Heart University.
McNamara says an increased security presence is one measure towns and districts can take locally while the country waits for federal safety measures.
"While they look at gun control, while they look at better infrastructure and better funding and mental health, we need to do something right now to make sure we protect each and every child," he said.
McNamara says the need for more armed officers in schools will vary from town to town.
Some New Milford residents say more guards or sworn officers would make them feel safer. Others agree security is important but worry an armed presence could be counterproductive.
New Milford police say the new security officers must be former local, state or federal officers and must be certified as armed school security officers in Connecticut.