New tech-focused career school Synchrony Financial celebrates grand opening in Stamford

State leaders were on hand at Stamford's Synchrony Financial Monday as the corporation launched a new initiative that promises cutting-edge skills training to tomorrow's job applicants.
Synchrony says its new Skills Academy is here to give Connecticut workers the skills they'll need in the modern economy.
"Within the next decade, 9 out of 10 jobs will require digital skills. And yet 76% of global workers feel unprepared for a digital future," said Margaret Keane, board of directors for Synchrony Financial.
Synchrony Financial cut the ribbon Monday on the new Synchrony Skills Academy, which promises new STEM job skills through after-school programs and 12-week boot camps.
"We've always had the best trained, most innovative, most entrepreneurial workforce in the world. That's been Connecticut's calling card," said Gov. Ned Lamont.
Lamont says Connecticut's natural resource is people and they can't let the well run dry.
Nonprofit partners say programs like this will mean more diverse leadership in the world we're building.
The Academy's first summer program is kicking off with 28 high school students and seven adult students.
The Synchrony Foundation also donating a total of $300,000 to nonprofits Future5, District Arts & Education, and UConn's Engineering Ambassadors to support high school education.