Norwalk, Fairfield added to red alert list for COVID-19 cases

Norwalk and Fairfield were added to the red alert list for COVID-19 cases. East Lyme and Preston were removed from the list.

News 12 Staff

Oct 23, 2020, 2:21 AM

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Norwalk, Fairfield added to red alert list for COVID-19 cases
-22,117 tests were administered and 502 came back positive (2.3% positivity rate)
-232 patients are hospitalized (increase of 19)
-There have been 2 COVID-related deaths
-Red alert towns: Canterbury, Danbury, East Hartford, Fairfield, Griswold,, Groton, Hartford, Lisbon, Montville, New London, Norwalk, Norwich, Plainfield, Prospect, Salem, Sprague, Windham, Waterbury and Waterford.
-East Lyme and Preston were removed from red alert list.
-Red alert recommended actions: get tested regularly, even if healthy; stay home if you're over 65; cancel gatherings/events with non-family members; enhance testing of residents, staff, visitors at nursing homes; towns can revert to phase 2; 3 Ws - wear a mask, wash your hands, watch your distance.
-State's predicted FY 2021 deficit is -$1,262 million, down from -$2,025 million in September.
-Revenue projection improved by $454 million.
-Expenditure projection improved by $309 million.
-The health commissioner says while there's no hard and fast rule on the frequency of testing asymptomatic people, if you are out and about and have the potential to be exposed, you can get a test weekly if you want.
-Norwalk Mayor Rilling will be discussing going back to phase 2 with his staff and neighboring communities on Friday, Oct. 23, with a decision expected before the weekend.
-Fairfield will remain in phase 3, according to the first selectman.

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