Norwalk police encourage rail crossing safety

Norwalk police are marking Rail Safety Week in Connecticut by handing out tips for rail crossing safety.
Norwalk police handed out safety tips to people for "Operation Clear Track," which they say is meant to encourage people to not try to beat the railway gates when they close for an oncoming train.
Amtrak and the Connecticut Department of Transportation say they advise people to never drive or walk around lowering gates, and to not try to outrun a train or stop on the tracks.
The state DOT says national data shows that two years ago, about 1,000 people were killed or injured in vehicle-train crashes at crossings.
A vehicle-train accident last year in Redding injured a man.
"We were out there for several hours monitoring traffic, looking for any violations for folks that were not stopping at the railroad crossings as the gates came down or any people that were trespassing," says Lt. Terry Blake.
Police say the fine for illegally crossing train tracks is over $100.
More safety tips on railroad crossings can be found here.