Note found in Farmington mansion details the whereabouts of Fotis Dulos, Michelle Troconis on day of Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance

Prosecutors showed jurors a handwritten note found in a Farmington mansion that claims to detail the hourly whereabouts of Fotis Dulos and Michelle Troconis on the day of Jennifer Dulos' disappearance.
Wednesday marked Day 9 of the Troconis trial. The trial is expected to last about six weeks.
The body of Jennifer Dulos has never been found, but she is presumed dead.
Michelle Troconis now stands trial for conspiracy to commit murder. Police are referring to the note as "alibi scripts" due to inconsistencies with video surveillance and cell phone records.
Prosecutors say Troconis and Fotis Dulos used it to cover up the murder of the New Canaan mother.
At another Fotis Dulos residence, investigators found something else odd - a Porsche with the two front seats missing.
An arrest warrant alleges that Fotis Dulos swapped those seats into a Toyota Tacoma as seen driving to New Canaan and back the morning Jennifer Dulos disappeared. Police say the original seats tested positive for her blood. Her blood was also found on the back floor mat of her SUV.
Jurors saw videos of Troconis in the passenger seat on Tuesday as Fotis Dulos stopped and dumped evidence at dozens of trash bins.
Police recovered Jennifer Dulos' blood-soaked shirt and bra, along with a bloody towel, box cutter, screwdriver and sponge.
Troconis' lawyer insists she had no idea what Fotis Dulos was up to.
On Thursday, prosecutors plan to play five hours of Troconis' police interviews. News 12 will be livestreaming every step of this case.