A graphic day of evidence on Day 8 of Troconis trial

Jurors saw bloody items connected to the alleged murder of Jennifer Dulos, the New Canaan mother of five, on Day 8 of the Michelle Troconis trial. 
Dulos has never been found, but is presumed dead.
On Monday, jurors saw videos of Fotis Dulos dumping items into about 30 trash bins, just hours after his wife Jennifer Dulos disappeared. On Tuesday, the items inside were shown in court to the jury.
Jurors were just inches away from a bloody towel, gloves and sponges. Prosecutors say Fotis Dulos used them to clean up his wife's murder.
They also said his girlfriend at the time, Michelle Troconis, helped him toss out the evidence. Troconis is on trial for conspiracy to commit murder.
Connecticut State Police believe Jennifer Dulos was killed in her New Canaan home by her estranged husband Fotis Dulos on the morning of May 24, 2019.
Fotis Dulos committed suicide in January 2020 shortly after he was arrested on charges including murder and kidnapping in Jennifer Dulos’ disappearance.
Security cameras shown in court show Fotis Dulos heading toward Hartford.
According to an arrest warrant, Troconis admitted to being in the truck with Fotis Dulos as he dumped evidence along a four-mile stretch of Albany Avenue. But her attorney insists Troconis did not help plan or cover up a murder.
Carrie Luft released a statement on behalf of the Family and Friends of Jennifer Farber Dulos:
"For Jennifer’s family and loved ones, seeing the physical evidence on Tuesday was brutal but also crucial. Witnessing Jennifer’s blood-soaked clothing, knowing that was the shirt, the bra, she wore on the last day of her life, made us imagine, again, what she must have endured on May 24, 2019. We hope that seeing this evidence in three dimensions can put an end to any suggestion that Jennifer is “missing.” She died a tragic death, and her loss is felt beyond what words can express. We are grateful to the prosecution and the investigators for their meticulous collection and presentation of evidence in this case. Above all, we trust in justice, and we hope that this trial will help provide answers to, and accountability for, what was done to Jennifer that day."