Olympic speed skater Kristen Santos returns to CT for tour to promote sport

Local Olympian Kristen Santos is back home in Connecticut on a tour to promote speed skating.
When News 12 last spoke with Santos before the 2022 games, she was nervous, but pumped up. Santos was a favorite to win a medal, but short track speed skating is one of the most unpredictable sports, and Santos did not medal.
On this tour, Santos is an ambassador for the sport, and is meeting with young hopefuls and she says she knows exactly the position they are in.
"Knowing I could have done it, but not being able to control it, it's part of the sport. I can't be too mad about it," said Santos. "I picked the sport, I love the sport...heartbreaking for sure."
Santos says she is hoping to stay in the sport for another four years, but she does have another adventure on the horizon – she is off to graduate school for physical therapy.