Parents rally after a Norwalk principal remains on paid leave for more than 2 months

Norwalk parents and students are protesting the administrative leave of a local school principal.
On Tuesday, Norwalk parents demanded answers from the Norwalk School District on behalf of Principal Medard Thomas, who has been on paid leave for over two months.
The school district said Thomas was placed on paid leave "without prejudice."
Parents were outside the Norwalk City Hall protested with signs and posters.
News12 reached out to the school for an update, but the district said it couldn’t comment because it’s a personnel matter.
A petition to bring Principal Thomas back to the school had more than 240 signatures as of Tuesday afternoon.
Parents and students said Concord Magnet School is not the same without its beloved principal, Mr. T.
Thomas has been the principal of Concord Magnet since 2015.
Parents told News 12 they’re tired of being left in limbo.
“We just want to know when we can expect a conclusion. It’s been since Nov. 29; the kids missed all the holidays with him. It’s been going on long and long enough. We just need an end date,” said parent Nicole Chu.
Lillian Cenatiempo said she’s frustrated with the superintendent.
“We have no answers. She doesn’t respond to any emails. Part of her job is to respond to parent correspondence and day by day when we don’t have information on where,” said Cenatiempo.
Parents said they are determined to keep fighting to bring Mr. T back to school.