Police: 4 suspects arrested following report of shots fired in Bridgeport

Police say four people were arrested Friday night after a report of shots fired in Bridgeport.
They responded to the corner of Noble Avenue and Shelton Street around 10:30 p.m., where they found three men firing gunshots on the roof of a business on the 600th block of Noble Avenue.
The Bridgeport SWAT team was called in. Police managed to get the men down and they were taken into custody. Officers found guns and drugs inside the building as well as a fourth man who they arrested.
Alphonzo Gonzalez Jr., 62, says he has no idea why the men were on top of the building firing guns. He says the drug factory charges they're facing relate to an everyday reality.
"Kids today in Bridgeport…they're on these drugs,” says Gonzalez. “I see them walking down the street like zombies. That really hurts me because that could be my kid."
He says incidents like this are all too common, but he hopes it can be a lesson for others.
"Let it go, man. No more violence, man. Let it go," says Gonzalez.