Police: Bridgeport man stalked woman using an Apple Airtag

A Bridgeport man has been arrested, accused of stalking a woman using an Apple Airtag.
Anthony Magro was arrested Wednesday following a yearlong investigation.
State police say in March 2023, a Goshen woman received a notification that an Airtag had been moving with her during the month of February. She told authorities she ignored the warning and believed it was related to Airpods that someone left inside her car.
However, once she got the same notification in March she called police. Following a search, an Airtag was found inside of the rim of the driver's side front wheel.
Police tracked the tag and learned it belonged to Magro. The woman told police she was not familiar with him and had no known interactions with Magro.
He is charged with electronic stalking and is expected in Torrington Superior Court on Feb. 16.