Police: Connecticut man stabbed woman inside her Hempstead apartment

A Connecticut man allegedly stabbed a woman inside her Hempstead apartment early Thursday.
Police responded to a call around 8:30 a.m. and arrived to the see the victim's two children outside of an elevator standing next to a pool of blood.
They then followed the blood trail, forcibly entered the apartment and arrested the armed subject.
The female victim was also inside screaming after police say she was stabbed multiple times and transported to a hospital.
"We have children whose mother is alive because of the work of our police department," says Village of Hempstead Mayor Waylyn Hobbs Jr.
Tenants tell News 12 the suspect walked through the doors, pushed the woman into the elevator and went into her apartment.
They want to have a 24/7 security guard present.
"There are working class people here, people that are retired and we all just want to live in peace and safety," says Donna Gooding.
Hempstead police believe this was a targeted incident.
News 12 is told the man who stabbed the woman will be arraigned on Friday.