Police: Father of missing Ansonia child charged with mom’s murder

The father of a missing Ansonia child was charged with the murder of her mother Friday, police say.
Ansonia police announced the charges against Jose Morales during a news conference.
Christine Holloway was found beaten to death inside her Myrtle Avenue home on Dec 3. 2019. Police say Holloway's 1-year-old daughter Vanessa Morales was taken from the home and has been missing ever since.
Investigators arrested the father of the child, Jose, shortly after the incident on unrelated charges. Police considered the father a prime suspect in the case, but formally announced the charges Friday.
Morales is charged with murder and tampering with evidence. Police say he used blunt force trauma to kill Holloway and that his DNA has been linked to blood and other material found at the scene. They also say his hair was found wrapped around Holloway's fingers from an apparent struggle prior to her death.
In the arrest warrant, police say Morales told them he did not do it, but acknowledges that evidence points to him. He claimed he was on PCP when he was at Holloway's apartment that day.
He is being held on $5 million bail.
Vanessa is still missing and police are actively searching for her. Police hope this development leads them closer to finding the girl.
Morales has hired defense attorney Norm Pattis to represent him. Pattis is also the lead attorney for the late Fotis Dulos.
The case has been moved to Milford for his next appearance Feb. 18.