Police: Man fatally stabbed in Stamford's Glenbrook area

Stamford police are investigating after a man was stabbed to death in the Glenbrook area early Wednesday morning.
Investigators were seen at two nearby locations trying to piece together what happened. Police were called to the area around 1:10 a.m. after they say a car with a stabbing victim pulled up to a group of people on Hamilton Avenue and asked for help.
The unusual activity woke neighbor Arturo Velasquez.
"I looked outside from my bedroom and I saw the flashing lights and I saw a couple police cars parked right here at this corner," he says.
Hamilton Avenue near Culloden Road had been closed Wednesday morning due to the investigation, but has since reopened to traffic.
Velasquez says in the darkness, he could only tell the street was closed - but as the sun came up, he saw two cars.
"One of the cars, the white Honda, had two doors - the front two doors - open and I saw blood in one of the cars and I saw blood on the side of the white Honda. So it was a concern," says Velasquez.
Police say they believe the stabbing happened not far from there on Culloden Road. They didn't give a specific address but News 12 found evidence of their efforts in the 100 block.
"My husband came in from walking the dog and he said, 'there's all kind of stuff going on outside,' and I came out and I saw the crime unit truck was here," says Sandy Lemekha.
Neighbors tell News 12 investigators were focused on a particular house, but police didn't explain to them why.
"They had put yellow tape across so you couldn't go down there," says Lemekha. "It's shocking. It's shocking. I would never ever think something like that would go on in our neighborhood."
Police have not released the victim's ID yet. It's not known what his connection is to the house police were seen looking at.