Police: Video from neighbor's camera shows Bridgeport woman beating dog to death

The Bridgeport Police Department says graphic video from a neighbor’s security camera shows a Bridgeport woman “maliciously and intentionally” beating her dog to death.
Police say they responded to Nyisha Squeglia's home Oct. 7 after a call came in about a brutally beaten dog found dead in her yard on the East End. They also say she beat the dog with some kind of object before throwing it around until it died.
Police say the video is evidence in the case against Squeglia, who stands accused of what one officer called "an egregious act of animal cruelty.”
“Sick to my stomach,” says Jill Capozziello, of Milford.
Capozziello has spent decades advocating on behalf of animals.
"It's heartbreaking,” says Capozziello. "I can't fathom somebody doing that to an animal."
She says the video shows some of the worst abuse she has ever seen.
"How would she like it if someone beat her to death? Somebody was kicking her and tormenting her and throwing her around like a rag doll?” says Capozziello.
The case hits close to home for Capozziello whose own dog, a golden retriever named Bella, was rescued from abuse and neglect. She says whoever called the police to report this abuse did the right thing, even though it was too late to save the dog's life.
Squeglia briefly appeared in Bridgeport Superior Court last week and was charged with felony cruelty to animals. She was released on $5,000 bond. She has also been charged with violating a previous probation agreement. She is due back in court for both pending charges on Dec. 11.
"You suspect something? Be the eyes and ears and please call Animal Control and the Police and report this,” says Capozziello. “Because this can't keep on happening."