Political animals: Meet the 5 candidates running for mayor of Beardsley Zoo

This year's mayoral race is between a raven, a tortoise, a sloth, a crane and a wolf.

Brian Heyman

Nov 1, 2022, 2:37 PM

Updated 627 days ago


Election Day is nearing - and voting has already started in the heated race for mayor of Beardsley Zoo.
This year's mayoral race is between a raven, a tortoise, a sloth, a crane and a wolf.
Online voting runs through 4 p.m. Nov. 9. Voters can cast their ballot by making a $1 donation per vote HERE.
Here's a look at the animals running for office:
The zoo describes Azriel the common raven as an intelligent songbird with "great raven problem-solving abilities." Beardsley also says her expert flying allows her to "roll and somersault into a variety of political positions."
Darwin is a gopher tortoise. The zoo says Darwin is an experienced leader and that the gopher tortoise is a keystone species in the wild. She's described as stubborn and persistent.
Rhubarb is a two-toed sloth who is "known to be level-headed, even when hanging upside down." The zoo says his campaign motto is "if not today, tomorrow."
They Might Be Giants once sang "They'll need a crane," and that's the message from Gantry the sandhill crane's campaign. The zoo says many consider Gantry to be the voice of Beardsley since he is among its loudest animals who can be heard throughout the zoo.
Goncalo the maned wolf has a nose for politics - with a campaign slogan that his "candidacy passes the smell test." Goncalo can say something the others can't - he's the only candidate who was actually born at Beardsley Zoo. (Editor's note: Actually none of the animals can say anything because they're animals.)
The winner will hold a 12-month term, replacing incumbent mayor Harry the Guinea hog. Harry became a father of eight during his busy term this past year.

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