Popular asthma inhaler to be discontinued in 2024 as doctors see influx of respiratory viruses

Local health providers say they have at least two concerning topics on their radar – the influx of people sick with viruses and the discontinuation of a popular asthma inhaler.
The popular inhaler Flovent is slated to be discontinued starting tomorrow.
As News 12 has reported, Glaxo Smith Kline decided to stop making Flovent for financial reasons.
"These patients rely on this medication, they have to take it daily. It's part of their maintenance regiment, which helps keep their lungs open," said Larry Iweorah, DOCS Urgent Care.
Iweorah urges patients who currently take Flovent not to wait until they run out. He says they'll need to work with a doctor to find an inhaler that works for them and is covered by their insurance. He says this is right up there with having an asthma action plan to prevent an emergency.
With respiratory viruses running rampant, Iweorah says asthma patients need to be vigilant and important to test at the first sign of sickness.