Real Deal: How much will your Thanksgiving meal cost?

As prices of goods and services continue to rise across the country, how much has the cost of a Thanksgiving meal been impacted? 
A traditional Thanksgiving turkey will cost an average of $6.50 per pound.
Caleb Silver at Investopedia says the price of turkey and potatoes are up at least 17%.  Sweet corn is up, and so is ham.
"Just by looking at inflation across the product categories, nearly every single one of them is expensive including turkey given avian flu and given inflation," Silver says.
It might seem fowl for traditional turkey lovers not to serve a big bird this year, but Chef Daniel Monroe at The Pantry in Fairfield says his store is not pre-ordering turkeys for the first time in 20 years.
"We'll have some turkey available the day of, but we're going to do like chickens, and ham on the day of Thanksgiving so if people want to come in and grab stuff they can," Monroe says.
Chef Monroe says customers might want to think about serving other alternatives this holiday like duck and goose and even beef ribeye. 
He says there are also great vegetarian options or maybe even lasagna.