Redding teen paints mural in Bridgeport depicting immigrants at US border

A teen in Bridgeport has been painting a mural on Main Street that shows a group of people at the United States border. It was created to draw attention to the hardships immigrants face.
The project was created by Isabella Mains, who was born in Guatemala but grew up in Redding.
Mains was adopted from Guatemala and has been painting since she was a little girl. When she learned about the danger immigrants face trying to reach the U.S., she wondered if her biological mother was one of those people, too.
She has sold art to help several charities and made two trips to the region. Now she is creating something people in Bridgeport will see every day.
"It was scary. I feel like for a lot of artists – it's scary to start the first paint stroke, but once you get started it comes together in the end," said Mains.
Mains' family says people in the area have been stopping by to share their own stories with her.