'Ride out' honors Bridgeport teen who was killed while riding scooter

The family of the late 18-year-old AJ DeJesus honored him Saturday with a memorial "ride out" that featured dirt bikes, ATVs and scooters.
The teen's family said the day was safe for everyone.
City officials previously cited concern with the safety of the "ride out" and said they would not provide a police escort out of the fear that it could be dangerous.
"There is still more to come and the fact that my little brother has this much love from people who don't even know him," said DeJesus' brother, Raymond Soler.
"We are not trying to disrespect anybody, not trying to go crazy on the streets, drive all wild, not trying to do that. This is what he likes, so we are doing this out of respect for him. So everybody, got their helmets on. We are trying to do this safe and as cautious as we can," said spokesperson Victoria Fareer.
The family said that the day was all for DeJesus and that they wanted him to feel the love that they have for him.