Runaway dog rescued after wild chase on I-95 in Westport

Christmas came early for a Tennessee woman whose dog sent police and strangers on a wild chase on I-95.
Jan Mete rescued her dog Maggie from a puppy mill. The two have been staying at her daughter's Norwalk home for several weeks.
"I instantly fell in love with (Maggie), and we saved each other I think," says Mete. "She's extremely attached to me."
On Sunday, Maggie had to be rescued again, this time from the side of I-95 in Westport.
Mete says she went shopping and left her daughter to watch Maggie. But when Mete's grandson walked in the door of the house, Maggie took off.
Maggie's adventure took her across busy East Avenue and on to I-95, where drivers called 911.
Trooper Mike Grabowski responded to the calls. He used his cruiser to block traffic and took off running after Maggie. Other drivers pulled over and did the same.
"She was much faster than I thought she was going to be and it was funny," says Grabowski. "It was almost like a foot pursuit with a dog."
The pursuit ended when a good Samaritan caught Maggie and handed her to Grabowski.
"When I saw the officer had (Maggie) in his arms, I actually went limp, I was just paralyzed," says Mete.
Mete is now back at her daughter's home with Maggie. Her daughter's neighbor called the series of events a Christmas miracle.
Mete says she would love to meet the person who caught Maggie, hoping to thank them for their action.