Sacred Heart University reports over 90 positive cases of COVID-19

Local colleges and universities say they're ready to make adjustments and changes if the number of COVID-19 cases continues to rise - with Sacred Heart University reporting 93 positive cases among its students.
The director of public safety at Sacred Heart, Gary McNamara, says positive cases are going to ebb and flow and they are doing everything they can to keep their students safe. Vaccines are mandated at the school unless you have a religious or medical exemption.
The school says 93% of the faculty staff and student population are vaccinated and that since school started, officials have seen positive cases among those who are vaccinated and those who are not.
The school, as a result, made some additional requirements - masks are mandated indoors and there's weekly testing for not just the unvaccinated but pockets of the vaccinated as well.
McNamara says the health center is available for testing by appointment and there has been a high demand for testing as they use the staff there to increase the contact tracing.