Save A Life Tour visits Weston High School to promote safe teen driving

On Thursday, teens from Weston High School vowed to keep their eyes on the road during the Save a Life Tour.
The Save a Life Tour is a safe driving awareness program that stops at high schools and colleges around the country.
Students can experience the dangers of impaired and distracted driving through a virtual simulation.
Ben Middleton, the Save A Life Tour manager, says he hopes students can learn something from the simulations.
"I hope it sticks in their mind that the stuff is dangerous. It is serious. I know in high school, it's hard to really think of things, real dangers until you've really seen or experienced them,” Middleton said. “So this is kind of a way to show them some of those dangers without them having to go through a crash or death."
In Connecticut, The Save a Life Tour is funded through the state's Department of Transportation.