Schools left with difficult decision whether to close over icy Wednesday morning conditions

The timing and severity of the freezing rain caused for some very difficult decisions for local school systems Wednesday morning.
Some districts apologized for staying open, while others regretted the decision to close with short notice.
Some parents News 12 spoke with in Norwalk say it was not safe to head to school Wednesday.
Podcast host Matt Zako has a child in the Norwalk Public School System. He said he walked out the front door Wednesday morning and slipped on ice.
Zako didn't end up bringing his daughter to school because of the dangerous road conditions.
The Norwalk Public School System said they were not notified about the potential for icy conditions until the buses were already on the road. When conditions changed, they thought it would be dangerous to reroute those buses.
The Norwalk Public School System says they met Wednesday about protocols and procedures for school closings and delays in preparation for Friday's potential storm.
Zako says he was told many of the teachers weren't able to make it to school either.
"We're teaching our kids to be smart, then we have to be smart and lead by example. To send kids and parents out on icy roads is not smart at all - it's very bad," said Zako.
Parents believe inclement weather is another reason schools should have the option to go virtual.
"We're in this virtual world where we'll able to do this, so the backup plan should be in place, there's no excuse," said Zako.
Bridgeport and Stamford school districts both cancelled classes Wednesday.
Remote learning is not an option right now in Connecticut.