Sikorsky files protest over Army's decision to award military contract to Texas-based manufacturer

Sikorsky is challenging the recent awarding of the Future Long-Range Assault Aircraft contract by the U.S. Army to a different manufacturer.
Texas-based aerospace company Bell Trexton was selected to build the next-generation Army aircraft.
In a statement Sikorsky said it doesn't think the proposals were "consistently evaluated." The company has submitted a filing to the U.S. Government Accountability Office.
Gov. Ned Lamont released a statement in response to Sikorsky's decision saying in part, "I fully support the company's decision to request an independent review regarding how the decision to award this contract was conducted. I remain confident that Sikorsky is the best and most capable company to deliver this next generation aircraft to the U.S. Army and that Connecticut's exceptionally skilled workforce is the best trained in the country to manufacture this aircraft. A thorough evaluation of the process and each of the proposals is in the best interests of the military and the American taxpayers."
Sen. Kevin Kelly said in a statement that the "Sikorsky team is made up of the most talented workforce and is a worldwide leader in innovation. It is critical that our government consider and reconsider all factors to determine the best path forward."