Southern Westchester BOCES helps adults turn their passion into a career

More and more high school seniors are rethinking their path and Southern Westchester BOCES is helping them find their passions.
The school hosted an event this weekend to help students try out "the trades" as a gap year and turn them into a career.
One BOCES student tells us he decided to join the program as a way to learn a new skill. "I'm a go and get it type of person. I don't want to wait four years to get a college degree or any of that stuff, I think, I want be out there making my money and I'm getting better at what I am, at what I do," says student Angel Lopez.
The BOCES program even takes students right out of high school to help them find their passions. "Many of our instructors here at SW BOCES have come to us as retired from unions or retired from the field and they are so passionate about passing these trades on," says adult education coordinator Betsy Evans.
At this weekend's event, students were also given the opportunity to apply with a local union to be plumbers, steamfitters, HVAC and electrical workers.