Stamford residents claim coyotes have been approaching dog walkers

Some Stamford residents say they are seeing groups of coyotes approaching dog walkers.
People on Clay Hill Road in Stamford have been seeing coyotes for a long time. But now they say these wild predators are getting a little too close for comfort.
"It's a very serious situation especially with people having their pets around outside and young children. You know that's a situation that needs to be taken care of for everyone to have a safe holiday," said Anthony Karwaski.
Karwaski says he has seen coyotes up close when walking a friend's dog.
Karwaski says he wants to make sure his puppy Sky is safe from coyotes, especially since a dog he once had was attacked in the backyard.
Coyote pack sightings have also been reported on Cedar Heights Road off High Ridge Road.
Stamford Animal Control says anyone who comes face to face with a coyote should maintain eye contact and not turn your back or run away.