Stamford student who lost leg walks at graduation

A Stamford High School senior who lost a leg in a freak accident walked at graduation Friday as he was cheered on by friends and family.
Erwin Hernandez, 18, who's originally from Guatemala, was working in the kitchen of a local restaurant in December when a car went through the wall and hit him, causing him to lose his leg.
After months of physical therapy and determination, Hernandez was able to walk at his high school graduation with the rest of his classmates.
Hernandez now has a prosthetic leg and still feels a lot of pain, but he says all that he has been through has made him stronger.
"I am an example of someone brave, someone that faces challenges," he says.
Doctors say Hernandez could be walking normally again in the next few years.
Hernandez says he is hoping to go back to work soon.