State police bulk up anti-aggressive driving patrols

Aggressive drivers beware, police may finally have your number.
Troopers will have extra patrols out this weekend along I-95 throughout the lower Fairfield County area. Police say they will have roving patrols on hotspots along I-95, including the Norwalk and Bridgeport areas.
Troopers say they will be looking out for speeders, people driving too slow and drivers who weave in and out of traffic.
Police say July and August are their busiest months because there are more drivers on the road. Since June 1, state police have given out more than 1,300 speeding tickets. They have also issued more than 1,300 tickets for other moving violations, including tailgating and unsafe lane changes.
There will also be DUI checkpoints set up along I-95 this weekend.