State Sen. Bob Duff claims officer from Norwalk Police Department spit at him

State Sen. Bob Duff is asking to meet with the Norwalk Police Department after claims an officer spit at him.
He says more than 20 police officers verbally harassed him and followed him out of the building to his car in July.
According to Duff, the police officers intimidated him the day after the state House of Representatives approved the law enforcement accountability bill. The bill, which has been signed into law, bans chokeholds and allows the public to check police disciplinary records.
He says he was scheduled to appear at Norwalk Police Headquarters to explain the bill to the police union's executive board.
Duff says when an officer spat at him on his way out, he questioned the community's safety as well as his own.
He says he plans to meet with the Norwalk chief of police Friday.
Norwalk Chief of Police Thomas Kulhawik tells News 12 in a statement, "The whole situation is very disappointing. I’m disappointed that it occurred at all and disappointed that several weeks later, as emotions have calmed, it has been highly publicized for whatever reasons when we are scheduled to meet later this week.  I recall it  was a very emotional time for officers as well as members in the legislature as the police bill was being debated and voted upon. There was a lot of unknowns at that time. The description of events as relayed by officers differs a bit from Sen. Duff’s account, but regardless, it is clear that the behavior of some was not acceptable as everyone deserves to be treated respectfully. I can appreciate that Sen. Duff felt disrespected by some members of the department when he visited the union meeting that Friday. I hope to have good meeting and discussion with the Senator as we have always enjoyed an excellent relationship."