'Stay home.' Lamont, DOT crews say roads will be treacherous Saturday

No matter the means of transportation, getting around Saturday will be next to impossible because of the nor'easter.
Tractor-trailers are banned on all Connecticut roads starting at 3 a.m., CT Transit and Amtrak will not run Saturday and Metro-North will run only once an hour - but branch service is suspended.
Weather Center
Gov. Ned Lamont has a blunt message for Connecticut drivers.
"You want to know what? Don't go on the roads. Stay home tomorrow," the governor said.
Six-hundred state plows will hit the roads, but the Department of Transportation is still 30% short-staffed. Drivers will work 17-hour days.
Unlike the last storm, this one will last longer with near-blizzard conditions.
"We're getting projections right now that this storm could be coming in at 3 to 5 inches an hour. Okay, if that's going on, we will not be able to keep up with that," said Connecticut Transportation Commissioner Joe Giulietti.
Salt supply will not be an issue. DOT Highway Operations Chief Paul Rizzo said there is enough materials "to get through this storm and any foreseeable storm."
State police, who are also understaffed, will have all hands on deck.
"Our National Guard partners are also in place to assist if needed. And as far as the Emergency Management side goes, the EOC will be open on a limited basis tomorrow," said Connecticut Emergency Services Commissioner James Rovella.
Electricity could be a problem too. Eversource said up to 125,000 people could lose power. They have 600 line crews in the state and 300 tree crews.
"It's the heavier, wetter snow that we're most worried about right now - what that could mean in terms of the power lines," said Lamont.
Those power crews will need to the highways clear to get around - another reason to stay home Saturday.