Stratford Schools superintendent arrested last month on breach of peace charge

Stratford's Superintendent of Schools Dr. Uyi Osunde was arrested last month on a breach of peace charge in New Haven.
The circumstances surrounding his Nov. 25 arrest were not immediately clear.
Raymond Hassett, attorney for Osunde, released a statement on Tuesday regarding the arrest:
“The unfortunate allegations against Dr. Osunde will be addressed in the proper forum. This private family matter, while inherently personal, does not impact his commitment and unfettered dedication to the students, faculty, administration, parents and general community, he continues to serve. Dr. Osunde would greatly appreciate privacy while he addresses the needs of his son and family.”
Stratford Board of Education chairperson Michael Henrick said the BOE takes this matter very seriously and whatever the decision may end up being, they want to ensure that the educational integrity of the district remains intact.
Henrick said there will be a special BOE meeting on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. regarding the arrest, which Osunde and his lawyer will attend.
The meeting will be an executive session to discuss all the details of the case – it will not be open to the public. Once the session concludes, the board will open the meeting to the public and discuss next steps.