Clear and calm skies make for a pleasant Sunday in Connecticut

News 12 Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Joe Martucci says to expect clear and calm skies for Sunday.
SUNDAY: We will have continued comfort. It will be warmer (mid-80s) and a bit more humid, Winds will come out of the west to start, then come out of the south during the afternoon.
MONDAY: Hot and humid, but for one day only. Highs will mostly be around 90 degrees, cooler in Litchfield County. Winds will be out of the south. Sky cover will be partly sunny. A shower will be possible from 10 p.m. to sunrise Tuesday, with no more than 60 minutes of rain expected. 
TUESDAY: A mix of clouds and sun. We will be back to the late September like weather we had Saturday, with highs in the upper 70s.
WEDNESDAY: Sunny and comfortable. Highs will be 75 to 80 degrees.
THURSDAY: Mostly sunny, while staying pleasant. Highs will be 75 to 80 degrees.
FRIDAY: Warmer and a bit humid as a cold front nears the state. Afternoon and overnight showers and storms will be around. However, it will not be a washout, with plenty of dry time. Highs will be at or just above 80 degrees.