Teen crashes prompt calls for stiffer driving laws

As a family mourns the loss of a teen killed in a car crash, lawmakers are considering tougher driving laws to prevent more tragedies from occurring.
Four teenagers have died in the last three weeks in car crashes. Now, Gov. Jodi Rell says she wants a new teen driving bill to sign by March 15.
On Wednesday, lawmakers heard from families of car crash victims. Family members and friends testified about the proposed changes to teen driving laws. They all agreed increases to education, training and penalties for those teens who receive violations will help prevent accidents.
Some of the proposed changes include doubling the number of driver?s education training hours required, increasing the amount of time before a teen can drive alone and allowing officers to immediately suspend a teen?s license for certain violations.
The bill currently has bipartisan support and incorporates many of the suggestions from the governor?s task force. It will be voted out of committee by the end of the week and will be ready for the full general assembly.
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