The Real Deal: Are electric scooters a good option for your college student?

Tired of parking fees, gas prices and mass transit costs? Many people are opting to hitch a ride on an electric scooter.
News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman has The Real Deal on what may also be an option for your college kid.
If your kid needs to get to class and a car isn't an option - maybe an electric scooter would be your best bet.
But how do you choose the right one? The experts at CNET have some advice.
Right now, scooters is a $20 billion a year industry and growing.
Joe Kaminski tests scooters out for CNET, which evaluates products without compensation from companies.
If you are not ready to make the investment, you can do a subscription service like Unagi, which will rent it to you for about $1.63 a day, and you can try it out.
They're a good option for college students because it's cheaper, you don't have to purchase car insurance, it's easier to store in a dorm room, and it can be folded.
What should you look for if you are thinking about purchasing one?
"A number of things. Obviously, everybody has a budget, but I would also consider the person's size of the load that they plan on carrying. Because some of these scooters, though, they rate a weight they can handle. The motors don't always perform as you would expect them to. So you would look for something that can handle your work a little," Kaminski says.
You can buy a scooter anywhere from $400 to $4,000 or more. It will usually take six to eight hours to charge.
Experts say depending on your lifestyle, savings on fuel and public transport costs will have your scooter paid off in four to six months.
When riding - wearing a helmet is a must. You also need to check the laws for riding scooters in your state.