The Real Deal: Boating bargains on cruise ships

While airfare costs rise, cruise lines are making waves and offering great deals to get people back on board, with deals that could have travelers setting sail out of New York or New Jersey for less than $100 a day per person.
The pandemic made many travelers scared about cruising, but now that safety measures have been put in place, some seaworthy tourists are ready to set sail. Consumer Reporter Janice Lieberman gives viewers the Real Deal on boating bargains.
The cruise industry is trying hard to get people to set sail because they want their ships filled and are offering enticing prices.
For those ready to cash into this wave of deals, try to get add-ons like alcohol packages, Wi-Fi and specialty restaurants.
In addition, if people can be flexible and not travel on holiday weeks, they will get an even better rate. Last minute deals are also great for those who can drive to the port and not have to book a flight.
People can check the online cruise sites for a good deal, or go directly to the cruise line. Most of the time, the prices are about the same.
Older ships usually cost less, but may have less of the bells and whistles associated with a new, bright and shiny boat.
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