The Real Deal: Make your meals and money stretch at home with these tips.

Let's face it, we are busy and ordering food is an easy convenience. But eating out or taking out food can be expensive.
Chef Julie Hartigan and News 12's consumer reporter Janice Lieberman give us The Real Deal on how to make your meals and your money stretch at home.
A pound of ground turkey and some veggies - $28 worth of ingredients - can make four different meals for one person.
"And you can see how colorful and bright and different they are. You're not eating the same thing every night and it's so much less expensive than takeout," Hartigan says.
The chef also recommends freezing small meals - so you can defrost just enough for the one meal.
Plan out your menu for the week - and stick to your shopping list.
When you have some free time, just prep your veggies and refrigerate them.
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