The Real Deal: Norwalk restaurant sees booming business despite state's downward trend in reservations

One Norwalk restaurant is busy and packed with customers despite a downward trend in reservations across the state.
"In the state of Connecticut, restaurant reservations are, according to OpenTable, trending down for the summer to 4% in June and another 4% in July, trending lower from a year ago," says Caleb Silver, of Investopedia.
Customers, however, are flocking to Greer Southern Table to check out the latest creation by Greer Fredericks.
Fredericks has also had success with her other businesses -- Juke Joint Peaches and Mama's Boy.
Greer Southern Table offers a variety of rooms to fit whatever vibe the customers are looking for. Customers are then treated to a variety of southern cuisine from shrimp grits to its famous fried chicken.
"We have a unique palate too. So Southern food is not something a lot of restaurants do," says manager Guy Macintosh. "They have different flavors on it. We have our own twist, too, because we kind of go from high country and low country."
Then it's on to dessert with choices like South Carolina Sunshine, peach empanadas and banana pudding.
All of the details in the restaurant came from small businesses in Norwalk. There's even a wall that's personalized with little journal entries from Fredericks' life and even some past co-workers.
"This is community," says Fredericks. "I think, especially after COVID, that I've learned this wholeheartedly: It takes a village."